Some Quick Notes on Immigrants

Dear Community Members,

We hope you are protecting yourselves from contracting COVID-19. This is a difficult time.

Just so you’ll know, we haven’t stopped our services – we are helping immigrants, including refugees, find apartments, jobs, household goods, food, medical care, clothing, etc.; we also are funding immigrants for various applications (green cards, work authorization, low-bono attorney fees, etc.), and are still mentoring and keeping in touch with all of our clients.

As you know, we can always use help. Since so many of our clients are now out of work, their needs are increasing. We are applying for grants and seeking new resource possibilities. Soon we will be sending out a request to you for assistance in funding – we hate to ask more of you than you already do, but these are special times and our clients’ needs are so great. (In the meantime, we do have PayPal on our website:

We give our great thanks to Donna Lafferty, for her wonderful volunteer work as treasurer; she has had to step down from this role for various reasons, and we will miss her! If you know of someone who might be able to take on this role (BRSN’s accounting method is via checkbook), please let us know. The treasurer will be assisted by 3 other volunteers.

Our thanks to St. Thomas Lutheran Church for its hosting of our clothing drive for refugees in Indy (they sorted, washed, and mended!). We sent in so much clothing that they said they are full in Indy! And also thank you to First Presbyterian Church for their collection and delivery of household cleaners and cleaning tools for our clients.

Finally, as you may have noticed, I have not included an “Events of Interest”, given that everything is being cancelled. HOWEVER, to help you pass the time during this isolating period, here are two great links. One is to stream Metropolitan Operas (thanks Peter!): ; the other is to stream some of the great Broadway plays (thanks Rosemary!):

In the meantime, take care, everyone, and stay safe,
Diane Legomsky, Chair,
Bloomington Refugee Support Services