Refugee Resettlement Update and El Centro Announcement

Dear Community Members,

As you know from the news broadcasts, President Trump’s proposed policy of giving state and local government the right to bar refugee resettlement in their state or municipality has been overturned. We expect that more refugees will be allowed to resettle in Indiana and hopefully, after the 2020 November election, in Bloomington!

We have been able to help more and more immigrants, with application fees, pro bono attorney fees, and help with housing and other needs. There is a wonderful  group of volunteers working so hard for the immigrants in our community, and so many churches and NGO’s have been carrying out drives, educational programs (where we have helped a bit with speakers and informational materials.) But to help financially, which of course is necessary for the newcomers, we are grateful to Malcom Abrams of Bloom Magazine for his gala fundraiser, and we also are grateful to Donald Van Arnem and the foundation, Secretly Group. They have made it possible for us to help others.

I will be away until sometime Tuesday the 21st, but if you e-mail, any questions, needs, etc. will be addressed.

Finally, we have a wonderful announcement regarding El Centro Comunal Latino:

There will be an Open House celebrating the inauguration of the new office of El Centro Comunal Latino 2-4 pm on Monday, Jan. 20th, Martin Luther King Day!  El Centro is in Room 206 of the Monroe County Public Library, 303 E. Kirkwood Ave. (2nd floor, off the Indiana Room).  Come meet the El Centro staff and board members while enjoying food, games, prizes, and dialogue!  

We hope you can attend the Open House. If not, we hope you can drop by El Centro soon – you will be delighted to learn about their many services!

Our thanks to all of you for your incredible help, commitment, and compassion.

Take care,
Diane Legomsky, Chair, BRSN