Early Fall Update on Immigrants

Dear Community Members,

It has been a busy but productive summer for us here at BRSN. We’ve worked with many immigrant families, have been able to help several individual immigrants with application fees, attorney fees, and jobs. We’ve also been the grateful recipient of several fundraisers.


Re-Sale Art:  art from generous donors was sold on August 18, with four beneficiaries: Congregation Beth Shalom, St. Thomas Lutheran Church, University Baptist Church, and BRSN.

Bloom Magazine, We also were the recipients of a fabulous gala by Bloom, which has always been such an advocate and supporter of BRSN and the immigrant families it serves.

Dine & Donates are our latest fundraiser, coming up (see Dine & Donate in EVENTS OF INTEREST, attached), organized by Josefa – thank you! These Dine & Donates are by King Dough Pizza and BJ’s Restaurant. We’ve attached the two Dine & Donate flyers for the participating restaurants, which you need to bring with you to the restaurant.  Please participate, and feel free to share the flyers, which are attached.

PAYPAL: We now have a Donate button our website – note that you first enter the amount, and then hit either “Paypal” or “Debit or Credit card”.

Our deepest thanks to all these generous donors!

We have rec’d notice for several job openings (ranging from contracting jobs in gardening and other yard, porch, and drainage work, housekeeping, and painting to employee positions with auto sales companies, restaurants, and IU. Also, a house is available for rent ($3,000/month) and can house up 5 people. It is a lovely home, in a very convenient eastside location.
(For jobs as contractors, we will connect you with individuals who can assist you with tax issues.)

GLOBAL CENTER EVENT – COMING UP TOMORROW! The Global Center works to connect educators, students, and the public with resources and opportunities to advance global research, teaching, and learning. They will hold an Open House tomorrow (Friday, August 30th)  in GISB 3004, 1-3 pm to share more about their funding and programmatic opportunities and to welcome you for the new year. (GISB  is on Jordan, adjacent to Wells Library.)

RIGHTS OF IMMIGRANTS: The Nat’l Immigration Law Center announced:
“To learn about the three crucial things you should know about the new regulation and how it harms immigrant families and individuals seeking a healthy, stable future in the U.S., go to the NICL website and ask for “public charge” (NILC.org). This is an inhumane and irrational regulation that seeks to punish those who receive free government assistance, such as Medicaid. And Daniel Soto sent a very valuable and reliable link to sanctuarydmv.org.

Despite some of the disheartening policies coming from the federal govt., remember that there is an ever-increasing number of organizations fighting for refugees’ and immigrants’ rights and well-being, and that, here in Bloomington, we have an enormous number of people working to help as well.

Enjoy this Labor Day week-end and its wonderful events. And thank you for all that you are doing!

Attachments: Events of Interest, Dine & Donate

Take care,
Diane Legomsky, Chair,
Bloomington Refugee Support Network