Summer Update on Immigrants

Dear Community Members,

Hope you’re all enjoying our summer. And remember that Jazz in July (each Friday in July at 7 p.m. at the Amphitheatre) is about to start.

WORLD REFUGEE DAY: We thank everyone who participated in WRD 2019, particularly Deb Fish and the UU Social Justice Task Force, who made sure everything went smoothly. (The Herald-Times did not cover the event, but we’ll work on that for next year.) And special thanks to Savannah Powell, Rachel Roberts, and Pete Lenzen for all their work, to the (incredible) IU sorority AKA, to Seeking Refuge, and to all those NGO’s who left informative helpful literature. The music of Salaam was beautiful, and we were able to sell earrings made by Syrian refugee women (Drop Earrings Not Bombs) and leather goods made by a Syrian refugee family (M.H. Leathergoods). All funds go directly to the Syrian artists, and you can order from their websites.

VIGIL TO PROTEST THE DETENTION CAMPS: As you know, the camps are inhumane at best. They are “housing” migrants who have travelled a more tortuous journey than, I’m sure, any of us could imagine. Not only has their health deteriorated after such a trek, but they also are emotionally severely wounded. These overcrowded, understaffed, underequipped detention camps are not the answer. The purpose of the vigil is to voice our outrage at the inhumane conditions in which thousands upon thousands of innocent and vulnerable men, women, and children are being detained, and the numbers just keep growing.

JOBS: If you haven’t read the latest issue of Bloom Magazine, please do (particularly the especially insightful editorial on the benefits of hiring immigrants)! We have received many inquiries asking if immigrants are available to begin various jobs – most are temporary, through summer and fall, but some are for indoor work such as repairs and cleaning. If you know of any immigrant who is able to take on a job, please let us know. (We have the names of potential employers, but do not want to list their names and contact info. publicly.) But summer has begun, and we want people to be able to start work as soon as possible. So please help us get the word out. (You can post the word on bulletin boards at establishments and churches who allow it.) If someone needs an interpreter to assist with the logistics or introductions, we have many volunteer interpreters.

NEW CITIZEN: If you recall the baby shower for Aris and Gabe, well, their beautiful little Brianna is now a Bloomington resident and U.S. citizen! They so appreciated your many loving gifts, and everyone there is healthy!

RESOURCES: We, and the rest of the Bloomington community, are helping more and more immigrants get legal help, medical help, and help with resources ranging from food to furniture to household goods. There are many resource agencies out there, and we try to drive people to the various agencies to get what they need.

If you would like to donate a particular service (driver to Indy or Chicago or around town or interpreting), or would like to make a monetary donation, it is greatly appreciated. You’ve already done so much, but, hey, we’re never satisfied. We are a 501c3, and donations can be mailed to: 3101 E. Saint James Court, Bl., 47401.  In the meantime, thank you again for EVERYTHING you’ve done – and you’ve done so much.

ATTACHMENT: Events of Interest

Take care, and hope to see you at the vigil,
Diane Legomsky