Special News for June Regarding Immigrants and Refugees

Dear Community Members,

We are excited to tell you about some news and some opportunities coming up this month.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY:  A local family is seeking a companion and helper for an elderly woman, who requires help getting up and down and moving around, and also requires a companion. English is required. This position would last from, approximately, late June through late July. Please contact us via our BRSN e-mail if you are interested, or know someone who might be interested.

BLOOM MAGAZINE SPECIAL EDITOR’S MESSAGE: Don’t miss the next issue of Bloom magazine. Malcolm Abrams has written a special Editor’s Message regarding the need, and the advantages, in hiring immigrants.  This will appear in June/July issue of Bloom, coming out in early June. We hope you will forward his message to employers (businesses and property owners) in our community.

WORLD REFUGEE DAY: June 20: The UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) has declared June 20 “World Refugee Day”. Here in the Bloomington area, we extend this celebration and recognition to all immigrants, who are facing increasing hardships and increasing challenges in seeking U.S. residence and citizenship.

This event will include food from several countries, live Arabic music, children’s table and games, advocacy tables, an information table with the latest updates, staffed by experts in refugee and immigration issues, and items made by Syrian refugees – with all proceeds going to the refugees.

And, we of course need to mention — we hope many of you will help with the arrangements. Our core group of volunteers and community partners are already preparing many of the offerings, but we can always use more hands, and more help, in arranging for the food and the set-up.

And special thanks to the Unitarian Universalist Church for hosting this event. It will be held in their Fellowship Room, and you will find parking and movement very comfortable. We hope to see you there. We will send out a poster in a week.

Remember – this is our primary opportunity to learn about, advocate for, celebrate, and welcome all immigrants to our community.

As always, we thank you for all your generosity and commitment at a time when so many others have despaired of helping immigrants enter our country and enjoy our freedoms, our support, and our friendship. And we hope to see you at WRD on June 20!

ATTACHMENT: Events of Interest in June, 2019

Take good care,
Diane Legomsky